Installing your art

Complex installation procedure

  • Step 1: on-site needs assessment
    To assess the constraints and risks, our experts visit the installation site – museum, gallery or a home — and examine it in detail to identify potential difficulties. The work of art itself is examined to assess its fragility, weight, centre of gravity and the constraints involved in packing and moving it.
  • Step 2: preparing the right
    Beyond a certain weight and size, works cannot be moved by hand. We need to use the right tools for the job, and our staff have excellent command of these tools. Drawing on their extensive experience, our specialists are able to choose the right equipment for your installation, such as cranes, lifting tables, cradles, lifting platforms or other mechanical lifting gear. From the initial inquiry to authorisation to transport the object to the exhibition venue, we take care of the whole process and remain by your side throughout the process.
  • Step 3: installation
    The priority for our technicians and installation staff is the protection of your artwork, so they handle it with the utmost care. To ensure maximum caution, a project manager always supervises the work done by their team members. Teams are selected and trained to take care of your different requirements and they work meticulously and skilfully to protect your valuables.